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Tracy Wu吳欣樺

Licensee Salesperson


Through years of groundwork in property management and selling, Tracy takes the guesswork out of real estate, with a honed expertise and a stepwise approach to reaching all-out results.

Taiwanese born and uni-educated in New Zealand, achieving a double degree in economics and statistics, her well-earned successes and background set her apart as an exceptionally hard-working bilingual individual; paired with a natural centricity for people, she’s a realty ‘all-saint.’

Intentional in communication and offering all her industry insights, Tracy provides a granular look into property trends for both seller and buyer. As a listening advisor, her reputation as one who journeys with clients is the truest mark of a professional confidant.

A humble demeanour conceals her internal drive for excellence; it’s this same drive that has her building a people-minded business that is end-to-end and founded on client-care and real-world experience. And knowing the weight that comes with life’s greatest transactions, she sets about easing the pressure by being adaptive, prepared, and available.

Attracted to Ray White Mairangi Bay for their synergistic culture of excellence, together with these industry specialists, she sees that each client and property receives the time, energy and skill set deserved. Earning her stars and clientele trust, she pilots a rewarding experience as an Auckland property pro.

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