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Natasha is 100% committed to everything that she does, she will guide you through the selling or buying process and shield you from as much stress as possible, creating a journey that you will actually enjoy! 
A highly motivated woman, who will go above and beyond to achieve the results that you desire, Natasha is incredibly positive and realistic with sharp and intuitive negotiation skills that are essential in achieving your Real Estate goals.

Energy within a campaign is crucial for a successful sale and one of Natasha's greatest assets in Real Estate, is the ability to create energy when there is none.  

Armed with a Bachelor of Arts degree in Film, TV & Media Studies from The University of Auckland, with over 10 years working in the Advertising/Media Industry, she has a wealth of experience which she can translate into your campaign.  

Natasha has worked for Emirates Airlines, which encouraged her to execute her work to the absolute highest of standards in customer service and allowed her to relate to people from all walks of life, from all around the world. 

Communication comes naturally to Natasha and she is committed to ensuring that you will have absolute transparency throughout the entire process, so much so that you may find yourself asking for her opinion.  You won't find a more honest and and dedicated agent.

Call her anytime, she would love to hear from you! 

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